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to the new website of the AStA of the Music University Mannheim

Our page is still being created. Beside a lot of content that we plan to add over the course of the next few weeks we would like to make our website more accessible - among other things by offering it in as many languages as possible. If you happen to speak a language this website is not yet available in, we would be really grateful if you could help translating it into that language!

On this page, you can find helpful hints, links and files regarding your study at the Musikhochschule as well as regarding living in Mannheim, regarding the AStA and your responsiblity and tasks as a student. You can also find suggestions and hints for events and important contact data. Furthermore, you can get into touch with others at the message boards. You can even get more informations regarding the existing work groups on "Music medicine" and "Design".

Participate! Share your ideas, wishes and suggestions and help realising existing projects. We - the student body - are an independent part of the college and can contribute in a constructive and relevant way! We can create change and accomplish great things - together!

Teile uns deine Ideen, Wünsche und Anregungen mit und hilf bei der Umsetzung laufender Projekte. Wir - die Studierendenschaft - sind ein eigenständiger Teil der Hochschule und können uns konstruktiv und maßgebend mit einbringen! Gemeinsam können wir etwas bewegen und Großartiges auf die Beine stellen.